TYPE: FANLOID NAME: Ikuy Inatezak GENDER: Female VOICE: High-pitched RELATED CHARACTERS: Yuki Kazetani (sister) AGE: 16 GENRE: Pop, Alternative WEIGHT: 49kg (109lbs) CHARACTER ITEM: Fluufie Whale CREATOR: (Youtube) ZodiacDream101, (Deviantart) Akasuna-no-Yuki HEIGHT: 157.5 cm (5'2") VOICE SOURCE: Miku hatsune BIRTHDAY: July 15, 19XX LIKES: Soda, Sweets, Pink things, Handsome older men, and being away from Yuki. MEDIA LIST: YOUTUBE RELEASE DATE: July 15, 2009 DISLIKES: Spicy foods, Young guys, Yuki, Yuki's friends, Singing back up for Yuki. SIGNATURE SONG: Ikuy Ikuy ♪ Night Fever(Luka Luka Night Fever cover) PERSONALITY: Quiet, depressed, likes to keep to herself, in Yuki's shadow.

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