Welcome to Kazetani Yuki Wiki!

Just a little something on my Fanloid's Yuki and Ikuy... I want to add Kazumi Ryan and Mizune Haru to the list, but I didn't know what our little group would be called. Sorry if this doesn't give much info. I'll try to add.

Yes I know that this sucks right now, but I'm working on it!

Should we be known?Edit

Many Fanloids dont' get to be well known unless lots of people like them! Ryan has been trying to get well known for a while, and I wanna help him. Haku and Neru are both really well known! We know this because they even have models for MikuMikuDance that actually COME with the set of the original Japanese Vocaloids! I think that's cool. The point is... It's either you like us or you don't. :3 Fanloids are either good or bad. So don't judge by appearence.

Latest activityEdit

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